10 Tech Jobs with Promising Futures

Job markets evolve over time. Through changes in consumer needs, advances in technology and overall economic shifts, some positions see greater demand and importance as time goes on while others do not.

In the tech world, things move fast. We looked to a recently released report from LinkedIn – a massive online network of professionals and job seekers – that highlights some promising growth jobs in the software and IT fields. We folded the top 10 into a slideshow (see below) of the positions LinkedIn underscores as having  high salaries, healthy job availability and year-over-year growth, and can likely lead to a promotion.

The most important criteria in LinkedIn’s ranking of these jobs – amounting to 30% of a job’s score – was salary. Career advancement – based on the percentage of members employed at the end of 2015 who then started a new position at the same company during 2016 – accounted for 25% of the score. The number of current job openings was weighted at 20%, and the year-over-year growth of job openings for title represented 15% of the final tally. Also tabulated was regional availability at 10%, which is the number of different regions in the U.S. hiring for each job title.

The top job on the list is Technical Program Manager. With a median annual salary of $128,000 and Career Advancement Score of 9 out of 10, the position does seem like a promising career now and in the future. People in this position have an important job: they must oversee all of the details of a project or product and have to deal with issues as they arise.

In second place on LinkedIn’s roster is the job of Program Manager—closely tied to a Technical Program Manager but with a greater focus on team coordination and organization. According to the numbers, Program Managers make a median annual salary of $115,000 and have a career advancement score of 7 out of 10. On LinkedIn’s jobs platform, as of the time of this report’s release, there were more than 1,300 openings for Program Manager and only between 300 and 400 for Technical Program Manager.

Also a growth job with a good salary in tech is the job Data Architect. Tasked with building data management systems, data architects earn a median annual salary of about $130,000 and scored 6 out of 10 from LinkedIn as a career advancement score. The skills of workers in such a role are valuable to any organization that wishes to develop its own database, or keep up an existing one.


By:Karsten Strauss



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